Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood



sensual sandalwood essential oil

The story of this eco-project began when three brothers obtained a 2,800 acre property on the Big Island of Hawaii that had an old sandalwood forest. This beautiful land, "aina" in Hawaiian, was over-grazed by livestock and in need of a new stewardship.

Over just three short years of planting, the forest became invigorated with thousands of new sandalwood seedlings — increasing the native tree population fifty-fold while contributing to the overall health of the forest. The trees harvested for distillation are selected with the wellbeing of the entire forest in mind, instead of economic gain as the main objective.

Santalum paniculatum grows at higher altitudes than all other sandalwood species. It yields an essential oil high in santalol, with a unique aromatic profile that is sweet, smooth and with hints of the volcanic influences of the islands. Because this sandalwood oil is from the same high quality old trees as were traded exclusively by the Hawaiian Royalty, it is worthy of the designation "Royal."

It’s been almost two hundred years since Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil has been available on the market. We’re delighted to now be able to share with you the fruit of the labor and love of this very special eco-project.

For every tree that’s harvested, twenty new trees are planted in its place, building a lasting legacy for the future of the precious Santalum paniculatum species.

With this sustainable, dedicated reforestation project, Royal Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil will be enjoyed by connoisseurs for generations to come.

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