Hatian Vetiver Project




We’re pleased to bring you a truly exquisite, organic, fair trade Vetiver Essential Oil distilled in Haiti.

Did you know that Haiti is the leading producer of Vetiver essential oil in the world? The high-quality vetiver oil produced in Haiti is a light, golden amber, and its fragrance is sweet, smooth and earthy. This thick, viscous oil offers long lasting fragrance and acts as a natural perfume base for more delicate fragrances. This oil is sure to be a favorite amongst those who have an appreciation for vetiver essential oil and is sure to capture the notice of those unfamiliar with this rich oil.

Our distiller has specialized in the production of vetiver for over sixty years. They manufactured the essential that Floracopeia sells with great care. They employ a sustainable approach to their manufacturing practices.

Vetiver is on of the main products exported from Haiti and it is a pillar in the economy of the South Department area. There are about ten distilleries in the city of Les Cayes which support the livelihood of approximately 30,000 rural families in the south region.

Floracopeia's vetiver essential oil distiller is proud to be an industry leader in the center of the vetiver production area, in the plain of Les Cayes. They have contributed greatly to the development and economic growth in the southern region of Haiti.

The Haiti-based distiller we are working with offers fair wages to all employees, education and youth projects — and works to keep the vibrant Haitian culture alive through community gatherings and traditional music.

Floracopeia’s Haitian Vetiver is sustainably harvested and certified organic and fair trade by ECOCERT.

Floracopeia is proud to support this certified project, and to know that in doing so we are contributing not only the the sustainable cultivation practices in the region, but also helping to finance social projects in the community.

Floracopeia's distiller focuses on three key organizations that foster progress in the community of Les Cayes:

The Clinic - The clinic not only provides full first aid assistance and access to physicians to their employees and family, but also runs mobile clinics for other members of the community, visiting many villages.
The Cafeteria - All employees enjoy well-balanced meals in a clean and pleasant environment. The Cafeteria serves approximately 200 meals per day, and employs an additional dozen workers, 75% of whom are women.
The Foundation - On a broader scale, the foundation promotes civic organization in the city. The main areas of focus for the foundation are: education, vocational training, sports and health.



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