Omumbiri Women's Collective

A sacred aromatic gem, sacred Omubiri Essential Oil relaxes and calms with its bright, fresh, sparkling citrus scent — topped off with smooth terpenic, incense, and licorice notes.

Commiphora wildii is native to the desert where the Himba peoples roam nomadically, and a recent project with IRDC (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation) has turned tradition into a sustainable income source.

Our Omumbiri essential oil comes from a Woman’s Collaborative in the hills of the Kunene Region of Namibia. The local Himba women have been wild-harvesting the Omumbiri resin for thousands of years — and turning their harvest into sweet-smelling perfume.

Ovahimba women are the keepers of plant knowledge and the direct managers of the C. wildii trees. They collect the Omumbiri resins during the hot, dry summer months, when the plants naturally exude the resin.

The trees are never tapped, making this a highly sustainable way to obtain the resin. Instead, the resin is collected from natural exudations, directly from the branches or from the ground where it has fallen — then carried on a flat stone or piece of bark back to the homestead.

Our oil is distilled by a community-owned trust that was community-built to ensure that both the harvesting communities and the harvesters benefit from and are fairly paid for their resin. The community-owned trust has conducted holistic research on both the range and sustainable harvest capacity of the trees to keep in mind the best interest of our planet.

This highly sustainable supply of Omumbiri essential oil is already having a powerful impact in the Kunene region. The income gained from Omumbiri sales plays a key role in economically empowering women and offering better access to food, schools, and health care.

Floracopeia is pleased to bring you this truly unique oil.






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